Sirince Village

This beautiful village is 8 kilometers away when you enter through the Şirince turnout before coming to Selçuk. While going to the village through winding roads, the tangerine, grape, and olive scents are enough to make you feel happy. The village is in a great location. The old name of Şirince village was Kırkınca. According to the legendary rumor, it was rumored to be dedicated to forty people who hit the mountains.
The village was a Greek town before the Republican era. I like Greek towns, they have a mystical smell. Uçmakdere and Tirilye are a few examples. It is still possible to see the traces of two ruined Greek churches in the village. The narration of the famous writer Dido Sotiroyo about Şirince; “If there is a place called heaven on earth, our Kırkınca (Şirince) must be a part of heaven,” he says. You can reach the truth of this word by watching the village at the entrance of the village.
Otherwise the village of Sirince is still quite touristy, especially during the day when quite a few big buses arrive directly from Kusadasi and Selçuk for a few hours. But in the evening (or early in the morning), the village regains its tranquility and it is nice to stroll through its streets to enjoy the beautiful lights. That’s why we recommend that you sleep in Sirince and avoid coming only for the day. Here are some images taken in the morning that should finish to convince you;)
Well hiking is nice but let’s get down to business with a little local wine tasting. So by walking 5 minutes in the streets of Sirince, you will easily find at least 2-3 bars/stores that will offer you wine tastings. On our side we stopped at Kivircik Sarap Evi (which was recommended on the net), a charming couple who have been selling their wine for over 20 years in Sirince. We tasted several fruit wines (cherries, melon, quince) and 1-2 red wines… So to be honest, the wine is not a super good (even if the fruit wines are sweet are quite nice when served fresh) but the couple is charming and speaks a few words of English and French, which has allowed us to chat a little with them. Among other things, he shared with us his point of view on mister E…’s current policy… which is really not popular in the Izmir region.
It’s quite easy to arrive in Sirince 😉 .
Izmir – Selçuk : From Izmir you just have to take a train from Basmane train station to Selçuk (7.5 tl/pers and the schedules are here). You can also take buses but they are more expensive and less comfortable than the train so don’t bother
bus-selcuk-sirinceSelçuk – Sirince : In Selçuk you will have to walk to the bus station (15 min max) to take a minibus in the direction of Sirince. There is about one bus every 20 minutes until 20:00 and the price is only 4 tl/pers