Turkish Bath & SPA




-You need to experience Turkish Bath at least once, you will get a nice impression of the Turkish bath process and customs, so

you know what to expect.

-Relax in the hot steam of the sauna

-Enjoy peeling on hot belly stone

-Enjoy the massage with the foam surrounding your body




How about feeling like sultans? Enjoy a historical bath based on the Ottoman palace culture, relax in the hot streems of

sauna, Purify your body of dirt with the peeling made on the hot belly stone, relax with the foam that surrounds your body

and enjoy the relaxing massages given by professionals.




The Turkish bath was much more than just a place to clean the skin. It was intimately bound up with everyday life, a place

where people of every rank and station, young and old, rich and poor could come freely.

The dream rooms are for leaving clothes to rest for 10-15 minutes after bathing-massage. Every kind of security measure is

taken at the place.

After leaving clothes the customers go into the main parlour and lie on the raised central platform in a Turkish bath that is

called GÖBEK TASI in Turkish (translated ıt means belly Stone) for about 10-15 mınutes.

To clear the skin, loofas are used by a professional masseur in order to open the pores followıng thıs a typical Turkish massage

begins and fınıshes wıth a full body and hair wash to relax the soul. Guests are then ınvıted to the jacuzzi which gives a shock

to the body and makes your body rest. Clients can then at theır own pace wear their clothes and leave havıng had an

unforgettable experience.




*Adress of the Turkish Bath will be informed the clients after booking.

*Sauna is not recommended to people who they have breathing problem.

*Transfer do not provided.




Sauna, Peeling, Foam Massage.




Transportation, Oil Massage, Face mask or any other services.